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MONKEYBONE - home bred Chihuahuas

Welcome to a website introducing smooth and long coat Chihuahuas of Monkeybone.

As a small show home I appreciate type and soundness in my dogs, but since they live with me as a part of my family, it's their balanced temper and health that first and foremost counts. I always love to discuss about these wonderful breeds, so please feel free to contact me in any occasion.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

What's new?

13.1.2017 - Monkeybones have arrived in New Zealand!
Kennel Monkeybone will be based in Auckland, New Zealand for a while. Most of the dogs have stayed in Finland but some will be campaigned in NZ while we are here.

13.1.2016 - A SC litter born
Four smooth coat bitches were born during Christmas. Sire: Nordic CH Dachida's Rytham Ace, dam: Rix Chix UK Red Angel. More information via email or phone.

15.11.2015 - Considering for sale A LC male puppy
A LC male puppy is possible let for sale if he matures well. Parents are C.I.B Multi CH Arrendene Demon Lover Of Mitimnu - Monkeybone Toyotama-hime. For more details, please contact me.

1.10.2015 - A LC male puppy for sale
A promising LC male puppy is for sale out of C.I.B Multi CH Bramver's Royal Tuxedo - Vi'waun Wildly Wanika. Please find more details on the Puppies page.

31.8.2015 - Puppies, puppies, puppies!
Two LC male puppies are for sale out of C.I.B Multi CH Bramver's Royal Tuxedo - Vi'waun Wildly Wanika. Please find more details on the Puppies page.

10.7.2015 - Puppies, puppies, puppies!
"MacGyver" whelped in the beginning of June, having a SC girl and a LC boy after "Pony". We are also expecting two litters out of these combinations: C.I.B Multi CH Bramver's Royal Tuxedo - Vi'waun Wildly Wanika and FI CH JW-13 Bramver's Dean - Dollybeau's Cool Cookie. Please find more details on the Puppies page.

13.1.2015 - Puppies
Last year's puppy plans didn't work out as planned, but hopefully this year will bring more luck. I'm also helping a friend to find a home for a Champion LC male, more info on the Puppies page.

21.2.2014 - Own dogs, About us, Puppy plans
Some updates from Monkeybone. Own dogs page is now updated with our youngsters and we are planning a long coat litter after the Summer.

25.11.2013 - Own dogs
Fantastic news! Our leasing boy Bentley (C.I.B (pend) FI & EE & RO & LT & LT Kl. CH Arrendene Demon Lover of Mitimnu) is now living permanently with us in Finland!

25.7.2013 - Own dogs, puppy plans
After a long break here are some updates to our website: Our leasing boy Bentley (Arrendene Demon Lover of Mitimnu) has been visiting us since last Spring. He is available at stud for selected bitches until the Fall.
Information about our youngsters can be found at Dogs page and puppy plans can be seen on Puppies page.

5.10.2012 - Own dogs
Our leasing boy Bentley has continued his journey and I'm happy he left some offspring behind. More information about our new hopefuls coming later. Thank you dear Lucy and Andrew for letting Bentley visit us!

14.8.2012 - PUPPIES!
We have three litters born, please find details of the combinations on the Puppies page. For more detailed information, please contact the breeder.

13.7.2012 - PUPPIES!
De Gozette Wippies, "Peppi" has selfwhelped four puppies on 10th July! Two females and two males. The Mum and the pups are healthy and doing fine. We are also expecting Nijika and "Rusina" (De Gozette Valerie) to give birth in two weeks.

9.6.2012 - Our dogs, puppy plans
It's been a busy Spring, lots of showing. Bentley finished the Championship titles of Finland and Estonia in six shows. Ryu and Kissa have been showed abroad and they have gained new titles. Ryu is also now International Champion.
Nijika is mated with Bentley. We expect the puppies to be born in July. We also have two leasing females visiting us that are mated with Bentley and Ryu. A busy July coming ahead! More details will be published later.

17.3.2012 - Our dogs
I would like to welcome our visiting star from the UK - Arrendene Demon Lover of Mitimnu, aka "Bentley". He will be seen in the show rings during this year and if everything goes well, he will be the sire of our next litter. Thank you dear Lucy and Andrew for letting me have him!

3.3.2012 - Puppies
Our boys have found new homes! We have new puppy plans for 2012 to be announced later.

22.2.2012 - Puppies
Available long coat black & tan male, excellent temperament. Please see details on Puppies page.

4.2.2012 - Puppies
Available long coat and smooth coat males, please see details on Puppies page.

27.12.2011 - WE HAVE PUPPIES!
Just before Christmas Nijika gave birth to two baby boys, one cream and one black & tan. The Mum and pups are doing well.

11.11.2011 - Puppies
Nella was taken to an ultrasound and sadly she is not expecting. So we will mate her again in next year with Dani. We are also eagerly waiting a confirmation whether Nijika is expecting or not.

21.10.2011 - Puppies
Nijika is now mated. The chosen male had to be changed though, but we are really excited about this combination as well. More info on Puppies page.

30.9.2011 - Site open, welcome!
Website might still miss some bits and pieces, but main construction is ready. Finnish version will (hopefully) follow soon.