ABOUT US - how it all began

There is mainly one person you could blame on getting me involved with chihuahuas - Elizabeth "Puppu" Schauman, kennel Mescalinos. And I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart!

My Chihuahua hobby started back in 1993 when I accidentally landed on Puppu's yard while selling magazines as a task from school. I totally fell for those tiny creatures running around and since Puppu told me she had one puppy for sale, I forced my Mum to come and see her. And so I got my first smooth coat bitch Mescalinos Fada, aka "Mini" (pictured on the right).

At that point I was just happy to get a dog of my own and didn't have a clue about shows or breeding. Puppu wanted to show Mini and I tagged along. And got hooked.

While hanging around with breeders and other chi hobbyists, the next natural step was to start thinking about breeding. Mini was too small weighing only 1,3 kg, so my hope was to get another bitch which could also keep Mini some company. So came Mescalinos Hermosa, "Sorry" in 1996. She had a litter for her breeder, but unfortunately was diagnosed with epilepsy later on and was retired. She lived for over 19 years, which makes her the oldest chihuahua in Finland!

Chihuahua is The Breed for me. Fits like a glove. I like my dog to challenge me a bit because too submissiveness or softness isn't my thing. A little mischievousness and naughtiness works for me, but too much silly goofiness just drives me nuts. Chihuahua in it's best is all I could personally wish for in a dog; it's intelligent, cheeky, saucy, self-sufficient and ready to perform a task only when it feels like it's worth it. But when it wants to do something with you, it does it wholeheartedly. Chihuahua isn't too hard-headed, responding well to feedback. It loves people, it's open-minded and forthcoming, confident and brave. It's active, yet doesn't mind rainy days that are spent lying on a sofa. Perfect and individual company dog, that is easy to take along where ever you go. These features I want to cherish in my breeding programme.

I received my FCI approved prefix in 2006. I'm a member of the Finnish Chihuahua Club's board and the breeding committee. I'm also a member of the Finnish Dog Breeder's Association (SuKoKa ry) and the Finnish Kennel Club and comply with their regulations. In New Zealand I will be following regulations and recommendations of the New Zealand Kennel Club.

- Linda Milvi